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Are your Nail Polish Manicures Giving you Headaches? It may be time to ”Go Gel”- Here’s Why!

Benefits of Gel Polish- Main Picture

Are you tired of constantly retouching your nail polish? Are you looking for a manicure that will last for weeks without chipping or peeling? If so, you may want to try gel polish. Gel polish has become increasingly popular with our clients, and for good reason. It offers long-lasting wear, chip resistance, a high-gloss finish, and is relatively easy to apply. Discover the benefits of gel polish, below, and see if it’s right for you!


One of the most significant advantages of gel polish is its long-lasting wear. Unlike traditional nail polish that can start to chip or peel within a few days, gel polish can last for up to two weeks without any significant signs of wear and tear.

This is because the gel polish formula is cured with UV light, creating a durable finish that can withstand all of your daily activities.

With typical polish, you’re looking to get a weeks worth of chip-free nails, while gel will last 2-3 weeks at the minimum.

*1 point for Gel*

Glossy Finish

Benefits of Gel Polish- Glossy Finish example

Gel polish has a high-gloss finish that gives your nails a shiny and polished look. This is because the gel polish is cured with UV light. The UV rays help the polish polymerize, or harden, which speeds up the drying process and is what makes the formula so durable.

This creates a hard, glossy finish that looks great and lasts for weeks.

Typically, clients seeking this look do so in preparation for special occasions like weddings and anniversaries- or any event where you want to capture that elegant, glamorous look.

Benefits of gel polish- UV Lamp drying
UV Lamp for gel polish curing/drying

Easy Application

Finally, gel polish is relatively easy.

While the application process is slightly different from traditional nail polish, it is still easy to apply.

You’ll receive a base coat, two coats of your chosen gel polish color, and a top coat. This process is largely the same as traditional nail polish. It only differs during the curing/drying process where you cure each layer with a UV, or LED light.

The drying is much quicker, and you don’t have to worry about the polish smudging or smearing. Our clients especially love this aspect of gel polish as it allows them to get on with life as usual.

If you’re using an LED light it can take 30 seconds, while the UV lamp takes about 2 minutes.

Go Gel Today

If you want the long-lasting, high-gloss finish that gel can provide- why not give it a try?

If you’re in the LA area, you can come visit our salon, Sima Nail Lounge, and see the advantages for yourself! You can browse our treatments, schedule an appointment, or see where we’re located and come check out our newly renovated salon, below!

Oh, and stay tuned for weekly blogs! We’re posting all of the latest trends and tips & tricks for our fellow nail lovers!